Saturday, September 13, 2008

Motorola U9 Cell Phone: Stylish and Appealing

There is a nice and appealing Motorola cell phone in the market today that I really like – and this is the Motorola U9. This Motorola model has a lot of good features about it such as very attractive style and design – definitely an eye candy and great accessory for its owner.

The Motorola U9 also boasts of a good music player, a definite come-on for the veritable audiophile. What else? It also has a Bluetooth stereo for the more techie user who wants more. Overall, the Motorola is attractive and owns a very appealing display with a great array of wireless features.

Most mobile phones, even the Motorola phones have their own shortcomings – some has many flaws, others only few. Motorola U9 cell phones are no exception. The controls of these cell phones are somewhat flat, making it a bit slippery. Likewise, it can be said that the memory card of the phone should be in a more convenient locations. I love taking pictures, and unfortunately the quality of the photos are not that great.

Despite a few complaints on existing flaws, this Motorola mobile unit is a very reliable one – efficient and even entertaining, what with its great music player. Overall, it’s one of the best Motorola cell phones around.

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